Ikariam - أخبار جديدة

فلْيصبح الماضي مستقبلاً
فلْيصبح الماضي مستقبلاً
صوت أمواج البحر تحت شمس مُشرقة! هنا في رمال الأزمنة القديمة، تنتظرك قطع ارض ساحلية خضراء لكي تقوم بزرعها وتوطينها. لقد دق جرس زمن جديد وسط أذرع وأيادي العمال والجنود والباحثين المشغولين. هل ستتولى قيادتهم؟

Ikariam - أخبار جديدة

Ikariam - Update to version 0.4.3


Ikariam 0.4.3 is starting this week! Please note that when the game gets updated to version 0.4.3, all military activities (combats, occupations) as well as all transporting/trading activities will be cancelled.

Everything is going to be sent home automatically. In order to avoid problems during the update, we would like to invite you to prepare yourself for not having too many activities involving ships/units running when the update comes.

Should you have transports involving Ambrosia active at that time (mercenary ships, triton jets), you will get the ambrosia back on the "beaming" home.

Any unit "beamed back home" during the update might need up to an hour to be available again for new missions.

Here is the update plan for Ikariam 0.4.3:
  • Tuesday 7th June: Italy, Spain, Greece, US
  • Wednesday 8th June: Brazil, Turkey, Portugal, Denmark, Netherlands
  • Thursday 9th June: All other countries

Have fun with Ikariam!

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